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Steps on How to Fix Your Car Radio Antenna

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A series of developments have taken place in the automobile industry. New cars are not manufactured with old-fashioned radio antenna systems. However, many people still own old vehicles that may have broken or damaged antennas due to auto accidents or another reason. Fixing your car antenna is a delicate process because the device is fragile and is easily damaged with normal wear and tear or car washes. However, with the right tools and required know-how, you will be able to fix your car and enjoy FM services.

Area Inspection

Before fixing or replacing the damaged antenna, you should inspect the antenna mast to ensure there is no rust. Check the entire fender area to ensure it is free from any dirt, dust and debris. 

Extraction of Damaged Part

Next you'll need to check the mechanism of your car antenna system. For rear fender mounted systems, begin by removing panels of the boot trim to gain access. Other units like the front fender may be located behind the inner fender or inside your engine bay. Use a screwdriver to loosen any tight bolts and disconnect the antenna signal wire, motor-control wires and the ground scrap. Handle the connectors well because they may be reused in case you do not have new ones.

Fender Mount Antenna Connection                                               

Some vehicles may not have antennas but are designed with antenna holes. Begin by feeding your antenna cable through this hole. Locate the intended route of your car's designers in order to run the antenna cable to the main receiver. Look out for a plugged hole at the base of your antenna. The same hole should not be used for running other electrical wires as this may affect reception of signals from the receiver.

For new installation, unplug old antennas, then attach a thin wire at the end of the cable. Attach the wire to the end of your new cable. You may need help from someone to feed your new cable through when pulling the wire back into your car.

Pillar Mount Antenna Connection

Pillar mount antennas have two screws that secure the base assembly. Remove the screws with a screw driver to release the cable and the antenna that connect to the pillar and the panel area. A friend may jiggle the cable for you to access it. Finally, connect the wire at the base of the cable to complete the connection.

For help with your antenna installation, contact a company that specializes in this service.