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What to Do If Your Coffee Machine Is Playing up

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Do you find that you simply can't function without your early morning cup of "Joe"? If not, don't worry, because you are like many Australians whose first job when they wake up is to reach for their coffee machine. Yet today, it's not all going to plan, and while you're enduring a mild panic, you've still got to find out what is wrong and get on with your day. In order to do this, you need to go through a process and see if you can find out what is happening with your coffee machine.

Poor Delivery

Begin by identifying the actual fault. For example, liquid may be coming out of the machine in the right place, but it's not up to its usual temperature and won't fit the bill. Check to see if the filter holder is in its proper position. It's also possible that you've put too much raw material into the filter holder and this is causing a blockage of sorts. This issue may be affecting the "head" as well and the flow may be very intermittent. Clean all of these areas first, and focus on the head in particular if it's been some time since you did so.

Positions Okay?

Check to make sure that the grinder setting is in its true position. It may have been inadvertently moved out of the way during cleaning or another exercise. If it is set towards the bottom of the scale, it won't be dispensing the right amount.

Dealing with Leaks

Perhaps liquid is coming out of the machine instead of working its magic inside. Once again, look closely at the brewing head and the filter holder and check to see that coffee is not sitting on top of the gasket and affecting the process. This may have damaged the gasket itself, and you might have to replace it or put a new filter basket in place.

If the leak is coming out of the front of the machine, lift up the drip tray and clean out the cavity to make sure that the waste pipe is not blocked. You may have to disassemble the machine and run hot water through it to clear the passage altogether. Alternatively, a leak towards the back of the machine may indicate that the boiler needs to be checked.

What to Do Next

Most of these simple coffee machine repairs can be fixed right now and enable you to get on with your day properly. However, if it is something that is beyond your immediate control, call in an appliance repair technician instead – and stop off at your favourite coffee shop in the meantime.